2019 Pittsburgh Marathon & Schedule

Pittsburgh Marathon Finish Line 2010. Photo by John Marino SOurce. Wikipedia commons [CCO]

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon is an annual charity event. In addition to the Full and half marathons, with a pet walk, fun run, & 5K run, all ages, faces, and furry friends alike can participate.

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Tips On Writing A Script For Your Business Marketing Video

Scriptwriters reviewing a script before a video shoot. JoshBirt Media, Pittsburgh, PA

Photo by Eelke (Flickr CC BY 2.0) All great videos start with a great script and that includes business and marketing videos. Some companies don’t take scriptwriting very seriously. Maybe it’s because they think scripts and screenwriting are for Hollywood fiction movies. That thinking is wrong. Blockbuster movies you see in the theater are crafted…

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Who’s Who On A Corporate Video Shoot

Image Credit: ESO Who’s Who On A Corporate Video Shoot When watching a well-produced video, most people are not generally aware of how much work is involved in the process. They don’t see the lights, camera, and the crew hustling behind-the-scenes. This is good, or otherwise, the story and message of the video would be…

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6 Types Of Human Resources Videos Your Corporation Can’t Live Without

Employees watching an HR video. 6 Must have Human Resources Videos. Joshbirt Media

Designed by Freepik What is HR? Unless you work in Human Resources, the term might seem a bit ambiguous or vague. The Human Resources division of a company can be responsible for everything from screening, interviewing, and recruiting employees that are the right fit for the company culture, as well as managing payroll, benefits, training,…

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