Client Dignity & Respect Campaign (I Will Do My Part)
Client Need Addressed Create a series of videos which promote Dignity & Respect in the Community.
Our Approach Record several different groups of people reading statistics about bullying, domestic violence, sexual assault and community violence.
Client Outcome
The D&R Campaign was able to promote this initiative in the community and really make an impact.
Client Pittsburgh Pirates (Trevor Project)
Client Need Addressed Raise awareness with the general public about organizations and causes that the Pirates support, such as Heritage Day and the Trevor Project.
Our Approach Josh Birt Media Productions worked with Pirates Productions as a contractor on the Production/Editing of this project. Our approach was to create compelling messages to reach youth. The messages focused on the personal perspectives of the players and management around the causes the Pirates support.
Client Outcome
They used these videos as part of an online and social media campaign to socialize the causes that they believe in and to motivate youth to believe in themselves.
Client Dignity & Respect Campaign (Dream Speech)
Client Need Addressed Create a video to celebrate Black History Month.
Our Approach Take the iconic "Dream" speech, by Dr. Martin Luther King, and record several different groups of people saying different lines of the speech.
Client Outcome
The D&R campain was able to promote Black History Month and spread D&R in the community.