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How to Choose the Right Video Production Company

January 8, 2017

IMG_0392 More and more often these days, businesses and corporations are turning to video marketing to get their message out.

As any business owner who has looked into hiring a video production company can tell you, there are many options out there.

It can be overwhelming when it comes down to making a choice. After all, choosing a great video production team to create your business videos is one thing, but choosing a video production company that is right FOR YOU is another thing.

Obviously, you’ll want to go with someone who is professional and experienced, not to mention available – these factors are all obvious.

But beyond the obvious, what should be the determining factors when choosing a professional video production company to handle your business marketing video?

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself when hiring a video production company, to get you started…


What is your video production company’s niche?

Any video production company that has been in business for a good number of years is going to have specialty, or something that they do a little better than everyone else, that makes them stand out. In other words, they will have a niche.

This is because every video production team is made up of unique individuals, each with unique talents, skills, and experiences. They might be good at creating many different types of videos, but they will be GREAT at creating a certain type of video.

For instance, a specific video production crew might excel at making sports videos, while another might be particularly great at making music videos, another company might make a name for itself doing videos that use a high level of animation or effects, meanwhile another might specialize in working with animals, or they might be the go-to company for capturing aerial (drone) footage.

At the end of the day, you will need to decide what niche will best serve you and your business brand.

When you know what it is you are looking for, you can figure out which video production crew best fits in with your needs, based on their specialty.

Does your production company know your brand?

Understand that a video production crew is way more than a bunch of people who operate cameras, lights, and editing equipment.

Above everything, they are first and foremost storytellers.

You hire them to tell the story of your brand.

And in order for them to be able to do that, they need to really understand your business, your message, and the audience you want to impact.

Make sure you choose a crew who gets what your business is all about. They should know how to weave a story that will move the right audience in a desirable way.

Don’t leave the fate of your brand in just anybody’s hands.

What’s your video marketing budget?

It is tempting to gloss over the very real issue of money and budget.

However, having a realistic idea of how much you are prepared to invest in a video marketing campaign will save you a lot of time a frustration when it comes to deciding on a video production crew for your marketing video.

The cost of a business video will depend on a variety of factors…

How big a crew do you require?

What are the professional requirements of each video crew member?

What production and post-production equipment is required to get the results you need?

Will you need studio space? How big a studio is required?

How many days of shooting will it take to get the footage you need?

What are your post-production needs? Will there be a lot of effects and animation in your marketing video?

These are all the very real questions that need answers before you can realistically budget for your video marketing campaign.

Once you’ve figured out a realistic budget, you can line up your expectations with a video production company that falls in line in terms with what you can afford to spend.

Does your video production team have a proven track record?

Does the video production company you’re considering have a great reputation?

Or do they just say they have a great reputation?

Can they provide references or recommendations from past clients?

How about testimonials?

Do they have the demo reel (track record) to back up these recommendations? Keep in mind that a highlight reel, is just that – the best clips they have to offer artfully put together.

Be prepared to go deeper. Ask the tough questions.

Having the people, equipment, and studio space is all a good indication of a video crew’s ability to take on your project, but you want to go a step further and determine whether or not they have the ability to execute.

Do they have the ability to see a project through, from start to finish? Can they deliver above and beyond expectations?

Do you get along with your video production company?

As you’ve now figured out, you will be expected to work very closely with your video production crew as you are putting together your business video.

Video production is long, hard work.

You will be expected to navigate your way through the pre-production, production, and post-production phases of your business video production, alongside your video crew.

Sometimes, the work will get intense. Sometimes, the hours will be long.

You need to make sure that you get along with and have solid rapport with your video production company, otherwise you will have a hard time getting through the process of creating a business video for your brand.

Make sure you are dealing with professionals who have excellent communication and listening skills.

You don’t just need to get along with them, but you need to also be able to trust them with your brand and know that they will be able to tell your story effectively.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area and looking for a production company to shoot your business video, contact Josh Birt at Josh Birt Media Productions today. We can travel to other states as well.

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