Client UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital
Client Need Addressed Demonstrate how Magee addresses patients’ individual needs by giving expecting mothers, who are immigrants or refugees, tours of Magee Women's Hospital, so they are prepared before giving birth.
Our Approach Through interviews and b-roll, we were able to share what a tour looks like at Magee, and the type of things an expectant mother should know before coming in to give birth.
Client Outcome
UPMC was able to raise awareness, and bring cultural awareness and better access, to patients who are not from this country.
Client One on One Fitness Inc.
Client Need Addressed Create awareness for the "60 Day Health Challenge" in the Hill District community.
Our Approach Through interviews and b-roll, we were able to share personal stories of the success of this program.
Client Outcome
The Hill District in Pittsburgh was able to raise awareness in the community, by teaching people how to exercise and live healthier lifestyles.
Client UPMC (Center for Engagement & Inclusion)
Client Need Addressed Create a series of VIP videos explaining all the different positions throughout UPMC. This video focuses on the Surgical Technologist and their job responsibilities at the hospital.
Our Approach We interviewed Surgical Technologists about their job responsibilities, the challenges they face, and also what they find rewarding about their job. We also captured behind-the-scenes footage of each person we interviewed. This gives the video a variety of visuals during each person's interview, which helps tell the story.
Client Outcome
UPMC was able to share all of these different videos within the organization so employees could learn and understand the different roles within UPMC.